The Indian retail market is estimated to be US$ 500 billion and one of the top five retail markets in the world by economic value. India is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world, with 1.2 billion people. Retail division of Proventure is managed by Proventure Retail Private Limited with its hub in India.

Our current Retail business is focused on fast growing Food and Beverages market in India.

The quick service restaurants (QSR) sector in India is likely to grow three fold to Rs 25,000 crore within five years, says industry body Assocham.

The country's QSR market, estimated to be at Rs 8,500 crore currently, is growing at a compounded annual growth rate ( CAGR) of 25 per cent, it said. Entry of various national and international players in the QSR space has significantly widened the chain market due to fast expanding middle class, urbanisation, youth spending, nuclear families and better logistics, the analysis showed.

Integrating backwards is our Commercial Kitchen Equipment segment which gives us an edge in a highly competitive market.

We are currently scaling up our infrastructure to meet the growing demand and also expand our reach to markets in Middle East and Europe.

Brand Pollito's is owned by Pollito's Business Systems, a sister concern of Proventure Resources PTE LTD, a Proventure Group Company, with its head quarters in Singapore. It has its presence in over 6 countries and is on a rapid expansion path.

Pollito's came in to existence with an aim to deliver a great Chicken Quick service Restaurant experience to the chicken lovers across the globe. Starting its journey in the year 2007, Pollito's is growing fast with increasing number of outlets across South Asia and catching up across the world. In a flocking chicken based QSR market with existing age old brands and several regional restaurants, Pollito's presents a fresh taste and feel with its own patented recipe with a perfect blend of Spanish and Mexican authentic spice flavours.

The number of Pollitos Outlets will touch 150 by the year 2018

Pollito's has signed up with L & T Metro Rail Hyderabad, India to open its outlets in all the upcoming Metro Rail Stations.

BRANDON: The Expert in Food Equipment

Brandon India Private Limited is a joint venture between Proventure and Brandon - Hongkong. Set up in the year 2000, Brandon Equipment Manufacturing Company Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Channel Development from Hong Kong.

We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel food service, serving both commercial and house hold market. Our engineers are all experts in their own field, including sheet metal construction, electronic & electrical circuitry, gas safety, 3-D sheet metal design software.

We are familiar with the relevant western standards in gas/electrical food equipment, such as CSA1.8a, EN203, EN484, EN498, Australian Gas (AGA 4563), electrical (EN60335, AS/NZS3000), RoHS, NSF etc.One of the reasons why our customers entrust us with the internal design of the products is because Brandon make equipment is always CE compliant, and during product testing, we can undertake all the coordination work with the certified body without any hassles to our customer.