Proventure Energy

Proventure Energy is a prestigious part of Proventure Group, one of the fast expanding business enterprises. With a cumulative experience of over 100 years in quality energy services we are set on a path to transform the way energy is conceived across geographies. We partner with Government authorities, independent players to generate electricity from a variety of clean technologies through renewable sources.

We are backed by our robust project management and operational efficiency that generates greater value not only to our associates but also to the end consumer. Our diverse portfolio of renewable energy enables us to build assets that are sustainable and provide higher and long term returns.

As we expand our footprint across the globe we are building strong networks and collaborative partnerships. Apart from our growing relationships in US and UK we are well connected with Governments & Independent players in South Asia, MENA & Eastern Europe.

With projects of over 1000 MW in prospect, Proventure Energy is all set to take off to new heights in Energy domain.


Apart from providing innovative Energy solutions, ProventureEnergy is focused on building projects and developing long term infrastructure for producing Sustainable Renewable Energy. Major areas of operations include Hydro Energy. Bio Mass Energy, Wind Energy and solar Energy.


We address two difference types of hydroelectric plants:

Run of the river power plants which use the continuous flow of the water provide a constant supply of energy available when needed during peak consumption periods.

With minimal Social & Environmental issues these projects have a low gestation period owing to fewer clearances and predictable construction plan.


Bio mass refers to all degradable organic materials that can be transformed, after combustion, into energy. We have tested a wide range of different materials including olive stones and pulp, Vegetable oils, coffee grinds, crop residue, sewage sludge etc., with highly promising results.

Biomass has two other major advantages: it is inexhaustible and available everywhere throughout the world. This is an invaluable asset, particularly useful in meeting the energy needs of developing countries and isolated territories.


Our expertise in Wind Energy is leveraged from our strategic project approach. We emphasize on the data from the site to identify the righttechnical process which enables us to optimize the capacity and achieve thedesired output.

The result is energy which emits neither greenhouse gases nor toxic waste . A 1 MW wind turbine can provide up to 1500 households with electricity.


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